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Payment Methods

The BOSS Shoes e-shop offers you the following payment methods for your orders:

1. Cash on delivery

You pay in cash upon receipt of the products you ordered at the place you have indicated.
Upon receipt of the products you have ordered, you also pay the amount due to the employee of the courier company who delivers the order to you.
There is no extra charge for this method.
The maximum amount of the order that can be paid by the method of cash on delivery is € 500.00.

2. Credit Card

  • Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners with the option of 3 or 6 interest-free installments (for amounts over € 100 or € 300, respectively, provided the card is included in the list of cards that support interest-free installments from the Alpha Bank payment gateway).
  • Masterpass

3. PayPal

By choosing to pay with PayPal, we give you the opportunity to pay for your order using the safest and most common payment method worldwide.
Once you have completed all the other details required to place the order, you will be automatically transferred to the secure Paypal site, from where you will be able to either fill in your credit card details directly or log in to your existing Paypal account. and use your saved data with just one click.

4. Deposit in a Bank Account

In case it serves you to pay by wire transfer, you are given the possibility of payment in four cooperating banks.
In this case, the order remains in a "standby" state after its registration, until our accounting department confirms the deposit of the amount in the following bank accounts:

    Account No: 1350 0200 2014 620
    IBAN: GR11 0140 1350 1350 0200 2014 620

    Account No: 715 0014 2733
    IBAN: GR41 0110 7150 0000 7150 0142 733

    Account No: 5193 063547 400
    IBAN: GR37 0172 1930 0051 9306 3547 400

    Account No: 0026 0019 5302 0093 1782
    IBAN: GR50 0260 0190 0005 3020 0931 782

In payments by transfer, the order is sent only if the transfer is made at the expense of the sender and if the reason for the transfer is entered the number of the order to which it relates, so that identification can be made.

5. Payments via Klarna with up to 3 interest-free installments without credit card

The optimal method for shopping is now at your fingertips! Take advantage of the flexibility offered by Klarna in the process of completing your order at, with the possibility of paying in 3 interest-free instalments using your debit card. Simply add your favorite product to your cart and choose Klarna as your payment method.

See the amount of the three interest-free instalments and proceed with the payment. In case this is your first purchase with Klarna, you will need to register with the service to confirm your identity by filling in all the necessary details that will be requested. Important: You will need to attach an identification document, such as your ID card, in photo or file format.
The processing of all payment information is guaranteed to be completely secure. Fill in your details in the Klarna interface and complete your purchase! 
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