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Delivery Information


Our company’s products are sent only within Greece. Orders whose total value exceed €50 are executed without any shipment costs. Orders with a total value of less than €50 are charged €3 per shipment.

The products you order are sent to the specified address via "Speedex" courier, 'Courier Center'', ''Box Now''. 

Shipping / Delivery time

Orders are sent by our company on the same day providing that they have been registered until 12:30 pm of the same working day and that there is no problem with availability or other reason for delay (e.g. waiting for a bank transfer or need to identify customer data due to suspicious credit card use).

The delivery time of the orders depends on the courier company and is usually 1-2 working days.

In case a product is not immediately available, you will be informed in time by the ordering department about the estimated delivery time.

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